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    Graphic Design with Portal Software Solutions Ltd.

    We do everything when it comes to creating awesome graphics!

    graphic design When it comes to your web site, one of the first things a potential customer will notice is the visual design. Your customers or visitors will look to make a connection with the image of your web site and tie it to the image of your business itself. Therefore, in order to build a positive image of your business, it’s essential to maintain a good visual impression online.

    The aim here, then, of your web site’s design is to make use of harmonic, aesthetically appealing layout and graphics to convey to the customer a healthy company image and a positive, friendly impression of the brand.

    The graphics should be designed specifically for the company and customers whom it aims to attract. graphic design We therefore recommend a discreet, unobtrusive, W3C compliant graphical design to impress upon the viewers a positive image of the company off the bat. (as you can see for yourself, we use a discreet, unobtrusive and W3C compliant design for our own site and completely refrain from using client-side javasript). In obtaining a professional web site, Portal Software Solutions Ltd. offers your company various graphics-based services.

    graphic design Our experienced web- and graphic designers will create and integrate a line of graphics to fit your liking for the implementation of both online and offline media. All of the graphics produced by us for your site are one-of-a-kind and yielded to specifically suite your tastes and company image. We have two development centers located in Hong Kong and India and a pool of experienced, talented artists and designers to call upon to assist in the low-cost production of your site.

    For example, the price of a personalized, custom creation of a company logo with three (3) initial proposals and unlimited revisions (until full customer satisfaction is met) in addition to the draft and design of a business card and letterhead is priced at only 99 Euros. For only 139 Euro you'll receive six (6) different initial proposals and unlimited revisions (the draft and design of a business card and letterhead are also included).

    Of course we offer other services such as creating banners and graphics for print/online media as well, all at similarly low-prices. If you would like to begin on a custom-tailored visual design to suit your company image, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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