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web solutions

The Internet is not only a very effective means of communication, which is very rapidly spreading, but it’s a very efficient medium for information exchange as well. It’s been shown that the longer the Web has been around, the more interest and trust is put into online services and transactions. This means that as the Web’s presence amongst the population grows, so too does your base of potential customers. A Web presence, whether in the form of a small information site, statistics site, or a complex E-commerce solution with comprehensive CMS, is an ideal marketing instrument for spanning your information and services across the globe, and is attainable at a comparatively low cost to traditional alternatives. web solutions With an effectively planned and appealing Web presence, not only can one gain an entirely new base of customers, but can retain said customers for the long term.

A website not only allows you to market and distribute your products and services directly to the customer, but through CRM (customer relationship management), social media, and other similar methods, customer retention rates may rapidly grow - along with the strength of your presence in the market. Portal Software Solutions Ltd. specializes in the creation and implementation of customized web solutions for small, medium, and large-sized companies. With the installation of a web site you can relay company objectives, general information (in the form of interactive or static information - for example, contact via forms or message boards), or use the site to fulfill entirely different requirements all together - such as those encompassed by a complete E-commerce solution with numerous applications at hand. A dedicated Web presence goes far beyond just “being there”; rather it’s a valuable extension of a business itself - a channel for globally expanding your brand.

web solutions

With Portal Software Solutions Ltd. you’ll receive everything you need from one source: a customized solution for your business or project. We'll not only support you in the areas of planning, concept design, and implementation of an attractive web portal, we'll also help with complex E-commerce solutions such as online stores and offer a hand in the implementation of innovative web projects using PHP, ASP, JSP, and Ajax (etc.). Not only that, but we’ll help with the creation of graphics as well (logos, web banners, print graphics, etc.). With two development centers laid out over Hong Kong and India, we are not only flexible in the implementation of your idea, but are able to offer you very attractive and low-cost options for your design starting at only 300 Euro. Please click through our navigation bar to learn more about all of our services offered. If you are interested in a personalized / custom-made web solution or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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